Effective Techniques To Deal With Difficult Customers: Resolve Complaints and Gain Customer Satisfaction

Effective Techniques To Deal With Difficult Customers: Resolve Complaints and Gain Customer Satisfaction
Product Code: : CRAQ-9250
Speaker : David Rohlander
Date : 29th May 2019
Time : 11:30 AM PST | 02:30 PM EST
Duration : 90Min


Learn effective strategies and best practices on handling demanding/difficult customers by attending this webinar. Handling the complaints and dealing with over-demanding or unreasonable customers is stressful and risky business! You have them in every business no matter which industry you are working in, you must know the tricks and tips to deal with them.

Sometimes, even the most helpful and caring people don't have the skills, experience or attitude to handle a really tough customer or client. With the tips and techniques provided in this program you will see how to tackle and minimize the stress and frustration that can come from being overwhelmed by difficult customer interactions. You will learn how to confidently and effectively find the right words when dealing with demanding--or even angry-customers and transform those difficult customers into loyal customers.

Why Should You Attend:

Getting angry customers to back down and handling your own speech while interacting with them can be very overwhelming. How do you come back when a customer is being manipulative, over demanding or aggressive? How to regain control of this difficult situation? How to keep yourself from becoming upset and unraveled when dealing with irate or unreasonable customers?

In this session, you'll learn techniques to deal with those particularly frustrating behaviors and take back control of the situation. You will also learn to respond to them with the right attitude and turn that angry customer into a satisfied and loyal/valued ally by creating a trustworthy interaction. It's a win-win for both!

Objectives of the Presentation:

  • How to respond to a customer who is bargaining with you
  • How to approach a customer who is using abusive language
  • How to say 'No' to a customer
  • How to not take the negativity personally
  • How to be kind, helpful and show care/empathy in the difficult situation
  • How to control anger and listen to the difficult customer
  • How to tackle when the customer wants to speak with the supervisor/manager
  • How to gain customer's confidence and take control of the situation

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Effective communication and active listening skills
  • Maintaining calmness and choosing the appropriate words
  • Overcoming objections from difficult and/or demanding customers and to ensure you're giving them what they truly want
  • How to get difficult interactions back on track and end each one on a positive note
  • Deal with difficult customers with ease, effectiveness, and confidence
  • Create a sense of trust and goodwill with your customers
  • Rebuilding customer loyalty and turn them into loyal customers

Who will Benefit:

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Retail & Sales Professionals
  • Call Center Associates
  • Front desk Associates
  • Hospitality Personnel
  • All employees who interact with customers
  • Managers / Supervisors who oversee employees that interact with customers

Speaker Profile:

David Rohlander is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and executive coach. He has coached executives from Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies, and government organizations, with a specialty of working with CEOs.

After serving in the US Air Force as a combat fighter pilot and completing an MBA in finance, David joined Merrill Lynch. At Merrill, he became a Regional Manager and member of the firm's Management Advisory Council. In 1979 David founded his own company to provide consulting, training, speaking and coaching services for clients including TRW, Honeywell, and Nestle. David has been an adjunct professor at several universities. He did post-graduate work with Peter Drucker at Claremont Graduate University, became certified on Situational Leadership with Dr. Paul Hersey and received a BA in History and Literature from Westmont College.

David's passion is helping executives create a masterpiece personally and professionally. That's why he wrote, "The CEO Code," a Best Seller on AMAZON. That success resulted in Penguin/Alpha Books asking David to write "IDIOT'S GUIDES: Management Skills" released in December 2014.

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