HIPAA and Social Media Violations of HIPAA’s Privacy Requirements

HIPAA and Social Media Violations of HIPAA’s Privacy Requirements
Product Code: : HCAQ-9236
Speaker : Mark R. Brengelman
Date : 2nd July 2019
Time : 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST
Duration : 60Min


The collision of HIPAA privacy and social media has never been more problematic in the internet age of constant self-disclosure.”  That is, the end should read “internet age of constant self-disclosure.”

Why Should You Attend:

The basic provisions of privacy for protected health information are well known.  HIPAA has been around more than a dozen years.  HIPAA privacy rules serve to protect health information of the patient from prying eyes, yet the rise of social media provides new avenues and ways for the unwary health care practitioner to violate HIPAA’s privacy requirements.  This can occur by untrained health care workers at all levels of employment as well as careless, licensed health care practitioners.

Health care practitioners and the facilities which employ them fear HIPAA violations consequences of their own via social media posted by those careless or untrained health care workers.

Examine the uncertainty about how health care facilities and employers may take action and maybe themselves liable, for HIPAA privacy violations in the uses of social media.”  That is, the middle should state in part:  “and maybe themselves liable”.

Find out in this informative webinar that provides you with more complete knowledge of the HIPAA privacy mandates as enforced by state licensure boards and agencies and their own, unique pre-HIPAA confidentiality laws.  Not only can a health care worker be “fired by Facebook,” but a licensed health care practitioner may be subject to licensure discipline as well.  This webinar then devotes time to an analysis of state licensure and privacy laws that may spell doom for the hapless health care practitioner.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • The basics of HIPAA privacy requirements
  • The permitted use of social media by health care practitioners
  • Employer or health care facility rules governing employee use of social media
  • State authority of licensure boards and agencies to regulate the confidentiality of Protected Health Information held by licensed health care practitioners
  • How social media violations may occur by health care practitioners
  • Examples of social media violations and HIPAA privacy mandates
  • Social media rankings and health care practitioner’s enticed violations
  • Tips and techniques and a checklist for using social media in compliance with HIPAA

Who will Benefit:

  • Health care Attorneys 
  • Corporate Compliance Officers in health care
  • Medical Records Staff of medical offices and health care entities
  • Hospital Attorneys
  • Health care Practitioners who are covered entities
  • Law Enforcement Officers in health care compliance
  • State boards and agencies with jurisdiction over state licenses to practice a health care profession

Speaker Profile:

Mark R. Brengelman is an experienced attorney in administrative and professional licensure law, representing a wide variety of professional clients, from licensed individual health care practitioners to licensed health care facilities, and many others.  

Mark's mission is to learn and to understand his client's needs and the external factors affecting them so he may aggressively and professionally represent them throughout the entire legal process and within the bounds of justice and due process.

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